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About McDormett Logging

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a smooth process during the selling of your timber, harvesting of your trees, and selling of the logs. From the moment you pick up the phone to call us to when we hand you a check. We want you to be satisfied with McDormett Logging.

Trevor McDormett Logging Expert & Founder

How we approach the timber sale

McDormett logging will send out foresters to properly evaluate your woods for what you want. These are the following options for you that our foresters will discuss with you in person to suit your needs.

High grading - Selecting trees of most value out of your wood lot to be cut.

Low grade harvest - Cutting trees of lesser value that are at full maturity to open up canopy to let high dollar timber grow.

Re gen - This approach is used after a woods has been high graded and all that is left are large low value trees that are stunting growth of next generation. With removal of these trees the sun can reach forest floor and allow saplings to sprout up and strive.